15 Nov '06


Posted by admin

Aloha All,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, We had some camera issues and I been out of town. The good news is that I had a great time in the Bay. I caught the Riott Concert which was pretty amazing. 24 bands all day event with the Clipse to close it!! Whoa, I also got to chill with the crew from Huf, Checked out Tommy Guerrero and his band (amazing). Got down with Huf set at the Official Riott After party. It was a great weekend.
Well im back to work (same day I landed) and fully stocked with Huf new era's. First the Chains, A very clean take on the one thread that keeps street, street. Chains, people rock them all over the world. From Ropes,Cuban links,Channels,modern links, Cheap ass dipped gold... there everywhere. This hat comes in 3 colors so cop them while they last.. The second hat was officially released on Saturday at the Huf stores. And I must say Huf and the whole crew is doing a great Job. The BMX/HUTCH inspired HELLA HYPHY new era is retarded. We got 3 colors in that as well and I know for a fact that the Huf stores are pretty much sold out.. So to conclude this long ass entry I would like to say Mahalo to the Following..

Huf,Monis,Mega,De',Sweets,Asa,Hanni,Marcus,J billion,Ron,Elroy,Gatsby,Ed, and any I forgot. Thanks for the Hospitality Lets do it again Cuzzo's... Cheeee...