08 Jun '20


Releasing exclusively in-store and online this Tuesday, June 9 at 11am HST.
Please abide by the new safety guidelines while shopping in-store.
Aloha kākou!
Exodus, its lyrics written decades in the past could not be more fitting for the now. As we proceed through all that is going on the world, many of us seek leadership to remedy the issues that seem to be mounting by the day. Instead of looking without for the answers, we must look within.
If one seeks change, do not proceed blindly. Understanding and comprehension of what one seeks to achieve is essential, for not knowing the path and destination does not allow one to move with intention.
Change will not happen overnight. Ultimately, the decisions and actions we make now will be passed down to the generations to come. Be a leader amongst those around you. Do not simply shake the leaves hope for the best. Plant the seed, which will set firm roots, that will one day bear the fruit that will nurture the future.
This Tuesday, we’re releasing a new tee design inspired by the uplifting and uniting words of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ anthem, Exodus. The front features our small Glitch logo on the wearer’s left chest, while the back features the entire lyric sheet of Exodus typed out and stylized through layout to really show movement through the flow of the words. The back also features our geographical coordinates and a small crown near the top. Both black and white versions of the tee feature shades of grey print.