20 Feb '08


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APB has been rolling thick for more than a minute. Honolulu's finest
skateboard shop itself just recently celebrated it's sixth birthday,
but the straight up APB family and crew has been tightly knit since
the early nineties. A'ala Park Bastards, baby! That's how we did it
back then, how we do it now, and how we'll continue to do it well into
the future and beyond. As for the right now, APB has just dropped its
latest video "The Struggle" on DVD, and this long-awaited third
chapter of the A'ala Park trilogy is straight up heaterz! The Struggle
features the entire APB team, some of whom also do double duty
representing the Fitted ohana. Tim Jackson, Danny Hamaguchi, and
Jarold Webb all have full-length banger parts in the video, and last
but definitely not least, 808 Skate and Fitted's own golden child Matt
Chaffin has some of the most ridiculously difficult and downright
stylish looking clips in the whole video, and Matt's wizardry is
featured in one of the montages. The Struggle DVD also comes loaded
with bonus features, including the Dirty Thirty video short featuring
me and your boy Cuzzo right here tearing it up alongside the rest of
our fellow APB veterans that are still doing it at 30 years old and
up! Also in the bonus features, you can watch both of the first two
APB videos Midnight Mariders and lowercase, both in their entirety,
this is the first time that either of these two local skate video
classics are available on DVD, so peep out a slice of history on how
we used to do it down and dirty style back in the day!
The Struggle is available now at APB, Fitted Hawaii, In4mation,
Mishen Skateboard Shop, 808 Skate, Hickam Skate Shack, Town and
Country, Blue Hawaii, Crank and Carve, and also finer shops on the
mainland, Guam, Japan, and points beyond. APB is taking this shit
global! Come on down and get yours today. Mahalo for supporting local
shops and local skateboarding!

Lawrence D. Warnken
a.k.a. Lars, Skate Nazi, Don Rickles
APB since day one.

Photo's by Mako...