02 Dec '08


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Keith Haring is a legendary pop-artist who was born in Reading, Pennsylvania 1958 and passed in 1990. He’s attended such prestigious schools as the Ivy School of Professional Arts and School of Visual Arts in New York City. He was highly influenced by other, well known artists as Andy Warhol, Christo, Jean-Michel Basquiat & Kenny Scharf. His artwork was heavily featured throughout New York City in the 80s, from walls to subways. He even opened up his own store (“Pop Shop”) which was a retail space in SoHo. They sold shirts, posters and buttons which featured his artwork. Haring's use of simple imagery to convey a message is what made his artwork so effective. The link between old Hawaii and ancient petroglyphs is apparent and evident in certain areas around our islands, carved in volcanic rocks, cliff faces & along certain trails that the ancient Hawaiians used to travel on. This shirt is printed on white and features petroglyphs which tells a story of the circle of life. Utilizing teal, purple, white, gray and black to make up this soon to be classic tee – same colors are used in the crown on the back. We have another Kamehameha hat called “White Wash” to go along with this pack which features a washed grey cotton with a teal Kamehameha logo and teal sating lining with the “Tools Of The Trade” print. It also features grey eyelets and a grey underbrim. As with all of these big releases (125 pieces), these will quite quickly so please act accordingly! Please take some time to watch Haring's incredible life & work below!

Available this Saturday 11 am. Please park across the street or next door @ 9:30 if you plan on waiting until we open.

Mahalo for all your Kokua.