23 Aug '08


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Tomorrow Saturday 8.23.08 we are releasing a personal favorite of mine called “When The Morning Comes” which features The majestic Ko'olau Mountains. The island of Oahu was formed by two volcanoes, the Waianae Volcano in the west and the Koolau Volcano in the east. The Waianae Volcano formed the western third of Oahu and the Koolau Volcano formed the eastern two thirds of the island. The graphic is inspired by a Hall & Oates cover song of the same name that local Icons Kalapana of the 70's and 80's performed. Basically with this theme we’re trying to convey the message that waking up in Hawaii is unlike anything else you could ever experience: the beautiful sunrises & sunsets, the mountains and morning dew which gives life. With the hats we have another San Francisco Giants in all orange with a white SF logo and green brim. Next is a Philadelphia Athletics custom (before they moved west to Oakland), this cap comes in navy blue with a red “A’s” logo and green brim.