15 Apr '08


Posted by admin

Yet another release tomorrow (4/15), brand new t-shirt design dubbed “Fiyah Pon De Weak.” Printed on an all black tee, this NEW design features a slew of bodies sprawled on the foreground of the front portion of the shirt with soldiers standing over them with rifles drawn. The back features the slogan “Fiyah Pon De Weak” in big lettering in white, gray, orange and even more bodies layed out on the bottom back half. Were Keeping it moving! Along with this drop, we have another t-shirt, this is a white version of the tee we ran a little earlier this year that went along with our straw Kamehameha New Era. Printed on all white with the same straw fill on the inside of the FITTED lettering on the front chest portion, and that same design printed on the inside of the crown on the back. These are LIMITED in numbers, so get to the shop early to get yours before they sell out.