11 Dec '08


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Aloha ladies & gents,

Waikiki. The “Ki’s,” as we know it. Hands down, it is the most recognizable and highly desired tourist destinations in the US, which completes our burgeoning Metropolitan skyline. It’s always breathing with life, it doesn’t matter what time of day. It’s where the hustler’s mentality comes into play and always stays in effect. It’s a place where the rich gets wealthier and the poor strive to reach their own wealth. You can walk down the strip and swagger yourself down with a dapper Louis Vuitton suit or hele on down to one of the many beaches and get hustled in a game of chess in the shade. With all the randomness that occurs day & night, there’s always a heavy HPD presence – but for the most part, the Ki’s is a pretty peaceful place. What better way to pay homage to the sprawling area of the Ki’s that we all, both local and tourist, love then to bang out a whole pack which includes a custom cap, a matching tee and our first ever skateboard deck. Starting with the cap, it features an all over print of the many subtleties that are associated with Waikiki, full moons, tropical flowers, palm trees and the calm ocean, which runs under the brim as well. The inside features a really gangster, neon green sating lining with the infamous tri-lock pattern which gives it more “oomph.” The tee is printed on all black and features a 3M reflective tri-lock print on the front, the crown on the back, Aloha Served Daily on the right sleeve and the crest on the right. And as you read up above a little earlier, we are proud to introduce our first ever Fitted skateboard deck in which we collaborated with APB (A’ala Park Boardshop) on. The deck utilizes the same “Ki’s” print as seen on the hat, on both the top and bottom of the skate deck. These are extremely limited, with just 50 in stock at our shop and 50 over at APB. Make sure you don’t miss out on this rare, one-of-a-kind Fitted skateboard deck – if you need any last minute shopping gifts, this is perfect! Same rules apply to the parking as usual.. See you all on Saturday!

Aloha & Mahalo...