20 Sep '08


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Tuesday 9/23 we’re releasing a new t-shirt along with 2 new custom MLB caps. The shirt is dubbed “The Kush” which pays homage to one of the greatest contemporary Hawaiian bands, The Krush but with a little flip on play of words. When it comes to that herbal meditation, the Kush strain (Master Kush, Hindu Kush, Purple Kush) is probably the greatest herb to grace the face of Earth. The shirt is printed on all purple with “The Kush” written in that familiar font you may or may not recognize. The back shows the FITTED crown hit. The first custom is a St. Louis Cardinals in teal with a gray brim and hints of white & purple, white eyelets topped off with a teal button. The second is a Boston Red Sox in black with a blue brim, blue eyelets & blue button and a blue Boston logo – time to set it off!