17 Nov '08


Posted by admin

Blueprints are basically the starting point for any project, it’s where all the combined ideas come together and are layed out before the final product is actually put together. The many meetings at Helena’s is where the blueprint was laid out for Fitted, and was born – which transpired into what you see today. And that leads us to “The Blueprint, 3 years and counting” tee on all white with Fitted across in 3-D and all the small, fine details that go into a blueprint. With the hat, we flipped a Milwaukee Brewers: dark green on the 2 front panels, black on the back four and brim, red underbill and dark green eyelets. Lastly, we have a Red with black pinstriped UH hat with a denim Bill. All releasing Tomorrow 11.18.08.

Aloha & Mahalo's for all the support through the years!