23 Jul '09


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Being that we live in what is considered one of the greatest and most beautiful places to reside in, why not take advantage of the attractive scenery that surrounds us? And by that, we don't mean hopping on The Bus or riding around in your car, after all, we're all going green, aren't we? Instead, head over to Ecowheels and take a look at the many different eco-friendly bicycles they have. You'll kill two birds with one stone: by helping to save our environment as well as being able to enjoy the full scenery, cool breezing at the same time. Ecowheels, run and operated by Eric Arii offers a variety of electric-powered bicycles, in all shapes and sizes. You have your choice of lithium-ion or lead acid battery powered and each bike offers "pedal assist mode that takes the sweat out of riding a normal bike."
For a test ride, you can contact Eric any day of the week (between 8 AM - 9 PM). Phone number: (808) 780-5114.