01 May '08


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Aloha kakou,

Hawaiians were one of the FIRST cultures to implement tattoos. In Polynesian tradition, tribal tattoos are commonplace, whether it’s in Tonga, Tahiti, Samoa or where your favorite FITTED fam resides, Hawaii. Out of these certain tattoos, the triangle tribal is seen more commonly than any other. This represents the shark tooth which is a prominent deity for a lot of Hawaiians, known in Hawaii as “`aumakua” (a reincarnated protective spirit). The shark’s tooth represents strength – and they were often used in certain Hawaiian warrior weapons such as the leiomana (a bludgeon dagger used in short hand combat). This leads us to another brand new FITTED package which consists of a yellow t-shirt featuring that same tribal triangle pattern in black, repeated all over on the front. The left sleeve features the letters “ASD” (Aloha Served Daily) and the right sleeve features the FITTED crest both in black. To go along with this occasion is a new FITTED sticker pack. Here are the details: 8 different stickers, a small crown in black & yellow, a big black crest, a small yellow crest, small black crown, small yellow crown, a big yellow crown with the featured triangle tribal design, small standard FITTED logo in both yellow and black, and a standard FITTED logo in both yellow/black and black/yellow. We are Releasing these on Saturday May 3rd..

Much Majahlos!