02 Sep '08


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Each and every island (they are 8 of them, for those who don’t know) has it’s own piece of history, color, state flower and state bird that stands behind it. This new shirt, titled “Standing 8” as always has a deep meaning behind it, the story behind this shirt being each color represents the color of each of the 8 islands that make up the state of Hawaii And FITTED represents HAWAII. Printed on an all white tee, the front features FITTED in block lettering, each design stands for the respective island, hence the name “Standing 8.” To break the color-to-island representation in descending order, Hawai’i (The Big Island) is red, Maui (The Valley Isle) is pink, O’ahu (the birthplace of FITTED & called the gathering isle) is yellow, Kaua'i (The Garden Isle) is purple, Moloka’i (The Friendly Isle) is (light) green, Lana’i (The Pineapple Isle) is orange, Ni’ihau (The Distant Isle) is white and Kaho’olawe (The Forbidden Isle) is gray. Along with this sick graphic tee is a Houston Astros in all yellow with black stitching on the brim, black eyelets and black “H” logo.

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