03 Nov '08


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TUESDAY Nov. 4 marks a very special occasion on such great levels; its the day where us Americans decide on who will take the coveted seat as the next President of the United States, and subsequently making our nation a much greater place to live in. To tie things together, we created a shirt that marks not just this occasion, but the upcoming celebration of Hawaii’s 50th Anniversary of Statehood – which lands on August 29, 2009. This is a pretty touchy subject to most, if you take into consideration that there were certain aspects of the process of voting for Hawaii into statehood, that were on the brink of being a ‘double fraud.’ The immigrants who migrated here from afar (ie. Continental U.S., Asia & Europe) were closely associated with the U.S.’s military presence in the islands & were permitted to vote, however those who considered themselves local Hawaiians were not. To give you an honest, unbiased opinion on the subject, although the annexation (and the methods they used to for this process) of our islands was unequivocally unorthodox – it’s fairly easy to examine the positives that have evolved through making Hawaii the 50th state. For one, Hawaii’s high export economy is a dominating industry that has brought in lots of cash, our ever-booming tourism industry brings curious travelers to our state to learn about our rich culture – and speaking of culture, we would not have the opportunity to taste such exotic, heaps of multi-cultural food on a daily basis. On the negative side of things, it’s a heavy burden on us hard working citizens with such a high tax imposed on us. The over-development of realty also threatens higher property taxes. We could go on & on with the back & forth of positives versus negatives of this whole dilemma, but that would take much more writing space.

All this leads us to our new shirt, “Self Govern.” The graphic depicts a huge eagle which represents America, however it’s flipped upside down. Sort of like a distress signal. How does this tie into the Elections and Hawaii statehood? Well for one, the giant eagle was displayed behind both Presidential candidates during the Presidential debates – the upside down part was actually on the front page of an old Hawaii newsletter called “The Hawaii Observer” the day Hawaii became a state of the union. Add the pieces of the puzzle together, and you’ll understand the meaning. Now get out there & vote! Make a difference! Like Black Sheep once said, THE CHOICE IS YOURS. You can get with this (Obama), or you can get with that (McCain).

SIDEBAR: Just a friendly reminder, Obama is a graduate of Punahou Schools, the most prestigious private school in the state. Think about it...