18 Jul '08


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(Saturday July 19)


More raw newness in the form of 3 MLB caps and a new t-shirt. This go around we freaked a Kansas City Royals hat and New York Mets. With the KC Royals we used light royal blue on all 6 panels with a scarlet brim and underside and manila gold eyelets and New Era side hit, with the KC logo we flipped it in white with a radient red stroke. Moving along to the next is an Oakland A’s hat in navy blue with a brown brim and green Oakland lettering logo. Lastly is an LA Dodgers hat in red with a dark blue LA logo and dark blue bill and orange underside. With the shirt, we wanted to give you a waterman sports type feel – after all, we are entirely surrounded by water, under stressful conditions we tend to take our frustration out in the water, whether it be surfing, paddle boarding, bodysurfing or bodyboarding. It’s a way of life for us. The back graphic features a FITTED Hawaii water-sports seal featuring two paddles and an anchor in navy blue, whereas the front features another FITTED seal on the left chest area. Swing by and cop one of these and wear it proudly!