05 Sep '08


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Its a new day & age, a whole new generation. The Millennial generation to be specific. Living in the Millennial generation, we’ve lived through and witnessed a slew of events that normally one would not see in such a short amount of time. Our parents and other elders tell us that our whole generation is “ruined.” Whether it be the anti-social aspects of things (iPods and PSPs play a major role in this) or being brainwashed by torture television programming – to a certain extent, they could be right. With that being said, we unveil our “Ruined” tee printed in all black with the word “Ruined” in a cartoon-esque bubble. Along with this shirt are 2 new MLB customs: an NHL Minnesota Wilds hat in all gray with orange eyelets, a darker gray brim, orange underside and green, orange and white in the Wilds logo. On top of that is another custom Chicago Cubs in all green with an orange brim and orange Cubs logo.


Saturday 9.6.08 @ 11am