21 Mar '08


Posted by admin

Peace & Aloha,

Saturday (3/22) we are releasing another custom UH hat which we flipped in the Green Bay Packers colors: manila gold cap with green. Remember, these are the start in the last series of UH customs hats we'll be doing. We still will be doing UH hats Just not in the custom color's we all have gotten used to. Along with this UH hat we are dropping a new t-shirt dubbed "Pu'iwa" which roughly translates into "Feared & Startled," a/k/a "Shook Ones." The story behind this is from the infamous "Battle Of Nuuanu" in which King Kamehameha amalgamated all the smaller kingdoms into larger kingdoms and confederated the islands. The shirt comes in black and features a minute picture of this particular battle.

Mahalo Nui Loa!