13 Jun '08


Posted by admin

No longer are the days of the old tradition. We have a full blown Metropolitan city with all its crease's. Some of the countries best strip clubs, as well as the best beaches, Drugs & crime litter rural to urban areas of the island. Tourism is the wheels that move us forward, and some outsider's run to international market place thinking they are going to find authentic Hawaiian trinkets. But when you wake up to the ocean everyday and the sun is shining what really can go wrong? I wouldnt want to be anywhere else! Which leads us to our next t-shirt that will set this summer off: Paradise Lost. Printed on all black, the front features two teal palm trees with FITTED printed in magenta sitting beneath the trees. The back features “Paradise Lost” in magenta with a flock of birds in the background, more palm trees, hibiscuses and a flamingo chilling in the cut.

Sat : 11am