20 Oct '07


Posted by admin

Summer may have came and went, but the skateboard scene in Hawaii
remains hotter than ever, and those in the know check
HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM to get all the latest local shred scoops. Skate
talent on Oahu as well as the outer islands is at a pretty high level
these days, and there are a few cats out here that have even turned
pro, most recently one of our FITTED homies, Chris Kays. These modern
day rippers are definitely nice, and they do represent Hawaii to the
fullest, but they also know their history and understand that the
local braddahs who came before them paved the way by showing and
proving that they could hang with the best of the mainalnd pros too.
The list of professional skaters to come out of the state of Hawaii is
an extremely short but quite distinguished one, and one of the guys
that is blessed enough to be on that list is none other than your boy
Cuzzo right here. Rene Matthyssen was already a hot shit 15 year old
sponsored skater when he made the move out here to the islands from
San Diego, and if skateboarding was the mafia, then you could say that
Cuzzo made his bones at the plywood paradise that was the earliest
version of the Hickam skate hangar. In fact, back in those days the
mastermind behind HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM, Ryan Toyama would often make the
drive from Pearl City to "The Lake" (Salt Lake, naturally) to pick up
the kid with the John Travolta-like bouffant hairdo hidden under a San
Diego Padres ball cap and any number of crew members that were
fortunate enough to pack into his light blue Honda Accord hatchback
and head over to the Hickam Hangar for some serious shralp. That was
in the late eighties, so you know Ryan and Rene go back like your
grandpa's hairline. These two cats have always had nothing but love
and respect for one another, and we know you've all definitely heard
the phrase "game recognizes game", so now peep the result: the
HIROLLINGMEDIAxFITTED limited edition collaboration t-shirt. This tee
is simple and clean in basic black with a white print that features
the brand new HIROLLINGMEDIA.COM logo on the front, inspired by a very
tasty beverage, and nicely complimented by the FITTED crown on the
back with the F crest on the left sleeve. Come down and get this
locally made hot fire right quick because when this package sells out,
there ain't gonna be no re-up.