09 Oct '07


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This Saturday (10/13/2007) we'll be releasing the talked about Bloc28 X New
Era custom hats. Three respective / legendary street-artists (graf writers)
were called in to add their own twist on Disney's most recognizable
character, Mickey Mouse. Slick (who is originally from the islands of
Hawaii) & based in city of Lost Angels has been featured in many street-art
& Hip-Hop documentaries and magazines, including the cover art to Pharcyde's
" The Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde." On this particular hat there are
various paintings of Slick's interpretation of Mickey Mouse (on a cotton
cap), with a raised embroidery of Mickey's face on the front left side. The
back features "Slick X Mickey" in a raised embroidery, & the underbill
features velvet stitched with Slick's logo.

Next up is another artist from Los Angeles, MearOne, whom holds legendary
status amongst the inner-city graffiti community. His name is an acronym for
"Manifest Energy And Radiate." On his custom Bloc28 X Disney X New Era he
chose an all cotton hat with basically a painting of a painting - to put it
bluntly. It features Mickey himself painting on an all over print. Colorful
but subtle at the same time, with a street edge to it.

Finally we have Greg "Craola" Simkins based in Torrance, California. His art
tends to lean more toward the darker side, a la "Alice In Wonderland" with
deformed / out-there caricatures. Also on an all cotton hat (white), this
cap features a raised embroidery of Mickey both on the front as well as the
back, with a yellow underbill & velvet lining on the inside.

These are extremely limited in numbers, first come - first serve. You know the

Mahalo Nui Loa