29 Nov '08


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Robert D. Crumb is a well known American illustrator, known more for his subversive and satirical views of pop-culture in America, taking shots at controversial American topics that most artists in the mainstream would normally not touch. Mr. Crumb is also known for his underground comic book artists, most noticeably the 1970s ‘Keep On Truckin’’ & ‘Fritz The Cat’. He’s even been compared to satirical authors such as Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift. The reason for taking such stances on American pop-culture were due to his losing the legal rights to his aforementioned ‘Keep On Truckin’’ cartoon, dealing with legal battles between him & the IRS. We wanted to pay tribute to Mr. Crumb (who currently lives in South France, but with our own Hawaiian twist as always. The graphic on this tee portrays what Robert would envision if one his characters were to visit our islands. Printed on red, this tee features one his more prominent characters, throwing up 2 shakas and rocking a Hawaiian shirt, with Aloha Served Daily scribbled in. The hat for this drop are a Philadelphia Phillies: all black suede with yellow ‘P’ logo and eyelets and orange brim & button. Please feel free to watch these video's to get more acquainted with this great American artist.

Aloha and Mahalo,