05 Apr '08


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We just received in Mishka’s Spring line of New Eras, there are 6 different styles in this collection in which all of them have an art inspired theme. First hat is an all camo hat with a spider-web-esque theme in white stitching on the left side & New Era logo on the left and Mishka on the back both in red. This same hat also features a faux snakeskin underbill. Next is their “Bat Bite” in an all gray hat with the trademark bat / snake in purple raised embroidery on the front and purple underbill. The back features “DAMC” in a purple death metal style font . The next hat is dubbed “Seal Of Solomon” or “Runes” New Era & simply features Mishka’s twist to the Star of David in white raised embroidery as well as an upside down Peace sign on the back left. The 4th hat is meant to look like a trucker hat & features black on the back four panels, the two front panels are white with the Mishka bear with snake tongue, and green bill and green eyelets. Next is a simple all forest green hat with pink eyelets and a pink snake that’s shaped into an “M” (for Mishka) on the front. Final hat is dubbed the “Vic Rattlebear” and features a “rattlebear” in raised embroidery stitching on the front, a teal underbill and rotating purple and teal eyelets. Get ‘em while they’re hot!