06 Apr '09


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These three words: Blood, Sweat, Tears. They’re more than just words around these parts, with a muted undertone that many may not directly grasp. Not too beat a dead horse here, but we focus the effort of all three words into each & every release. But it goes deeper than that; even the heralded greats who paved the way for us spilled blood, sweat and tears to build what we all have and embrace today. Blood was shed in battle / wars, sweat dripped from the pores of those who slaved in the rice fields & taro patches, and tears of happiness or sorrow trickled down the cheeks of our forefathers. Its the culmination of eminence in Hawaii history.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a pack that revisits our “Koko, Hou & Waimaka” (Blood, Sweat & Tears roughly translated in Hawaiian) graphic, in the form of two hoodies: navy blue and red with the graphic printed on the backside and the crest resting on the left breast area. Next, we teamed up with our friends over at Estate LA to produce another “Aloha” cap in all blue Navy wool with a red underbrim, Tonal eyelets, and “Aloha” stitched dead center on the front in Red with a white Stroke. The right features “Welcome To Honolulu” in white stitching, crown on the left and crest on the back. You should all know what to do!! 100 made and available @ 11am This Saturday at the store and 12pm phone orders for the remaining sizes.
Big Mahalo's to Estate & Connor For the visuals...
As Always Aloha & Mahalo for all the support!