14 Oct '08


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The “tiki culture” has gone on a mainstream path since as early as World War II, visible to the common person in any given Polynesian themed bars or lounges from as far away as Hollywood. The culture made an even harder impact after Hawaii became the 50th state, seeing even more Polynesian / South Pacific themed lounges and bars across the continental United States. But the real story behind tikis (known as ki’i in Hawaiian) got its start in the Pacific, Polynesia to be more specific. These carved statues were used as markings to warn people of sacred (kapu) areas. This Tuesday (October 15th, Tomorrow). The shirt is printed on all white with the FITTED crest on the front containing a bunch of abstract tikis scattered throughout the design using brown, red, teal and tan colors. On the back rests a FITTED crown using teal, white and red.

Aloha & Mahalo