26 Jul '08


Posted by admin

Aloha. We hope everyone has been thoroughly enjoying their summer in paradise this year – the weather has been great and the waves have been fair, use it to your advantage. Moving along, we present to you our “Kama’aina Special” pack which consists of a new t-shirt and hat. With this pack we’d like to give back and pay homage to all the locals who have been supporting us & our MOVEMENT since day one, hence the Kama’aina Special. Whether you reside or have resided on the islands your whole life, or you happen to be one of our mainland fam, everyone of you who support FITTED are considered family to us, so we’d like to give back. All the blood, sweat & tears we spill into these projects are for YOU and we see & respect all of our returning customers, especially with the crazy, skyrocketing gas prices and the recession that we are currently stuck in. So with this pack we got back together with the good folks at Estate LA to produce another hat to rep HAWAII which is run in an indigo denim. The specs are as follows: On the 2 front panels is “Hawaii” stitched in white, resting on the outer sides of the brim are white stitching of leaves, akin to gold leaves you’d see on military officer’s caps. The underside of the brim is green, the top button is orange and features green eyelets. The back sees orange stitched FITTED crest and the left side sees a white stitched FITTED crest. We've also added an Orange rope to finish it off. The hat will run a cool $41.99 and is only limited to 100 pieces. On to the shirt, printed on white it features the local slogan “Kama’aina Special” in orange with green leaves sitting behind it. The back features the FITTED crown in orange with green leaves resting on the inside. The tee should definitely not hurt your pockets, priced at a reasonable $15.99. For this release we will be taking phone orders after 12 PM – but as always this is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If your in LA and can make it down to the ESTATE flagship store they will have a small size run available for purchase.

Once again Mahalo to all of our Loyal Customers who have supported us from day 1..

Mahalo and enjoy!