14 Jul '08


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(Tuesday July 15)

Tucked away in the back alleys & dark roads of Hotel St. are some of the most infamous & notorious strip clubs and hostess bars, one of them being Club Hubba Hubba. A lot of memorable events took place at this nostalgic establishment, including a Mimi Miyagi appearance, who is a former porn star. There were even a few scenes in the infamous movie “North Shore” that featured the insides of this fine venue. While no longer there, you can still pass by and spot the neon light marquee – right next to Nikki’s Arcade. To pay homage to Club Hubba Hubba we are proud to unveil our Hubba Hubba “gentleman’s club” inspired tee with a play on those bright neon signs you can still see til this day. (If you need a red light district tour guide we have the perfect person for you). The front graphic features “Club Hubba Hubba Live Nude Shows” all in bright neon blues, yellows and greens as well as a neon pink girl, all in the form of neon tubing lights, which pays homage to the strip club of the same name which was originally located on Hotel Street. The back features a FITTED crest also in pink neon. Moving on to the hats is a St. Louis Cardinals custom: black denim cap with a brown brim and top button, and scarlet red cardinal. And last but not least, a New York Yankees custom: all black on the back four panels, teal on the 2 front panels, kelly green brim with a yellow underside, scarlet red top button, moonbeam yellow eyelets and a white NY logo.