11 Dec '07

Holiday Goodies!

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Peace, Peace.

We have recently received new hats from Upper Playground. We have your standard UP Walrus in a teal and yellow cotton hat, with a raised embroidery of the ‘walrus’ in grey and UP in yellow. Next we have a piece by Sam Flores in which the Sam Flores character is sort of hidden through out the hat. And finally, we have a ‘hexagram’ hat by Dora Pong on a grey hat.

Along with Upper Playground, we have some Acapulco Gold New Eras that everyone has been waiting for. These are similar to the AG Gucci hats that they ran last year, with raised embroidery ‘AG’ and multi-colored flowers. These come in 3 colorways: red, navy blue and black. We also received their ‘OG’ New Era which comes in black and features a raised embroidery ‘OG’ in purple.

Phone orders are always welcome, the AG jump-offs are pretty limited in sizes so you know what to do.

Mahalo Nui Loa