23 Oct '08


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It’s the 1950s in old Hawaii, the location: Duke’s Lounge in Waikiki – the weather is seamlessly picture-perfect. Amongst those in attendance are legendary lounge singers Don Ho, Aunty Genoa Keawe, Dick Jensen and Leinaala Simerson whom danced Hula for Elvis whenever he was in town. The mood inside is warm & inviting, Don Ho sits behind his Hammond organ, a glass of scotch in one hand and a burned out Cohiba in his other while performing a cover of Webley Edwards & Leon Pober’s Pearly Shells. As the Don serenades one of the many lovely, beautiful wahines in attendance, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra of the world renowned “Rat Pack” emerge from the shadows – all three of them winging two ladies on each arm – walking with an immense amount of swagger, before the word even became apart of pop culture. However on this night, they are not here to perform. Even Mr. Ho, who still sits behind his organ, precariously watching all those in attendance, wonders what the night entails. As the midnight moon makes it approach over Diamond Head, a pearl white Cadillac El Dorado pulls up in front of Duke’s. A figure dressed in all white steps out
escorted by a group of young ladies who join him in unison as they walk towards the entrance of the infamous bar lounge. Instead of stopping inside and greeting the audience though, he proceeds left and makes a hasty stroll straight to the mainstage, entourage full of women still behind him. The main stage lighting is adjusted and shines on “him” and everyone in attendance, although still in awe, gets out of their chairs and gives a standing ovation to the Maestro who made Hawaii his home for a few years, the legendary Elvis.

Hopefully as you read the above “fictional short story” you can picture the environment, the whole aura and essence of living the good life in the era of lounge singers and Tiny Bubbles, when Rock N’ Roll was at it’s beginnings and Duke Kahanamoku ruled the strip of surf breaks lining the Waikiki landscape. This all leads up to our “Hano Hano” (translation: glorious, honored, magnificent) pack which we are releasing October 25 (Saturday), now on to the details. Starting with the shirt, printed on all white this features a photo of Elvis surrounded by a group of local girls as he serenades them, and the words “I Love Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls” which is both the title of one of his many popular films as well as a homage to the Jay-Z track of the same name. On to the hat, it’s another Pride hat, this cap uses the “dobby stripe” technique which is normally reserved for luxury bed and sheet sets. On to the details: all black nylon dobby striped hat with purple eyelets and underbill. The top side of the brim has gold stitching with a gold “H” and purple stroke. The inside includes a satin lining with our old Hawaiian state seal printed on it. Another crazy FITTED production!

This is First come first serve release. Phone orders will be taken after 12pm. Plus these will be available in very Limited numbers at these select boutiques.

5 & A dime in San Deigo
Hall of Fame in LA
Franks Chop shop in NYC