23 Sep '08


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I’m sure most of you have heard the term “keeping it moving” which is a slogan we live by here at Fitted. In layman’s terms, It means forget about the past and move on. Forward progress – you really can’t make any leading progress if you’re always stuck in the past, or tend to always reflect on the past. But as you start shaking things off and starting looking positively to what the present and future holds is when you really are able to meet goals and expectations. But it doesn’t just stop there, in this case “forward progress” is also a double entendre, in both the literal and football sense. And since the football season is upon us, it’s only fitting. For those unfamiliar, in football definitions, “forward progress” is defined as: “The location to which a ball carrier's forward momentum carries him before he is tackled.” Going back to the former definition, there’s no reason nor is there the time to reflect on what happened to our UH Warriors last year. It was last year! Let’s focus on our team this year and support them as much as we can. In order to bring the football season to a true beginning, we have put together this “Forward Progress” pack, one you definitely won’t want to pass up on. Here are the details:

Setting things off with the shirt printed on all white, this tee features 2 “Fs” on the front in kelly green which pays homage to the unique UH logo, but freaked with our trademark FITTED twist. The bottom left of the front features the FITTED crest, crown and ASD (Aloha Served Daily). On the back is “FITTED” across the top with the number 1 also in kelly green. With the hat, we wanted to give it a football helmet feel to it, and damn we do a good job! Ran in all black, there’s a “triangle tribal” pattern running down the middle, the right side features new crest printed all over which wraps around to the back right side. On the left is the same “double F” as seen on the shirt in raised embroidery, with the New Era logo resting right beneath. The back sees the FITTED crown and crest in tonal black stitching while the inside features the satin triangle pattern in kelly green lining. This is definitely one that you need to break the piggy bank for, so please act accordingly and head down early on the day of release, which is Sept. 27 @ 11 AM. First come, first serve....