29 Apr '08


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When it comes to tattoos & Hawaii, one artist always comes up in any body-ink related conversation – Mike Ledger. The man is considered a legend as far as tattoo artists go, ranking somewhere in the top 5 in the World. He’s done body artwork for numerous celebrities and traveled the world and studied under the most skilled artist. His roots started in New York City, but those same roots are now firmly grounded here in Hawaii. Straight Up this Dude is ill and his work speaks for it self. Even though his books are known to be at least a year deep for new clients, We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Mike Ledger on our first FITTED cut & sew piece, in the form of a crewneck sweater. Those who have walked through the doors of FITTED may remember the “Fist City” piece etched on the front of our door – What you might not have known is that Mike was the Mastermind behind that art! The detailing on the sweater is top notch: all black double dyed with metallic gold top stitching, embroidered on The back is Mike Ledger’s “Fist City” artwork which includes, of course, a fist with an array of shark’s teeth surrounding it (think: a Hawaiian version of a pair of brass knuckles). On the left chest area of the sweater is our FITTED crest in metallic gold stitching, and the left sleeve (near the wrist) is our FITTED crown. There are ONLY 100 of these exclusives sweaters available, where Mike has signed and numbered 1 – 100 on each hang tag.

Release date: Sunday April 27th 2008
Store Hours: 11am - 5pm
Special Appearance By Mike Ledger @ 1pm

Mahalo Nui Loa