18 Nov '08


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Hawaii most definitely is THE cultural melting pot of the world, seeing as there is almost every ethnicity group one could conjure up, all situated across 8 islands that make up the Hawaiian Island chain. Filipinos, Japanese, Korean, Puerto Ricans, Portuguese, amongst many other ethnic groups were brought to these islands to work the plantation fields, tending to the many sugarcane, pineapple and rice fields that popped up across the island in the late 1800s. Fast forward to the present and you’d most likely notice that the Hawaiian population (with Hawaiian blood) has thinned out extremely. According to a recent U.S. Census report, Hawaiians make up only about 16% of the entire population in Hawaii – which is crazy when you really think about it, knowing these islands we live on were once entirely populated by Hawaiians. Along with the diminishing of the Hawaiian bloodline, there has also been a steady decline in various plants and animals that thrive on these islands of ours, which include the Hawaiian Monkseal, the Nene Goose and the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Even the ever so elusive silversword plant which makes it’s homes on certain mountain summits is now on the Endangered Species list. And most of this is contributed to the overwhelming overdevelopment across the island as well as the rise in hunting, and generally just plain ignorance. But no need to fret, reservation groups are doing what they can to solve these problems! This brings us to our “Hawaiian Endangered Species” pack, consisting of 2 customized “Pride / H” hats and a new shirt. The shirt, printed on all black features a front pocket on the left chest area with the highly recognizable “Pride H” reflective print in Old English, while the back sees the words “Hawaiian Endangered Species” in neon yellow, white and orange. To go along with the shirt is a new “Pride” hat called " 'alo'alo" (; to dodge rapidly or continuously; to look about slyly; evasive.) in 2 colorways. The first features a brown “camouflage-ish” print that would seamlessly blend in with any of the many forests across the island. The “H” uses Black with an neon orange stroke, along with both the FITTED crown and crest. The inside has the old Hawaiian state seal printed on a satin lining. The second colorway features a similar pattern seen on the brown, except in a dark green color with subtle hits of brown and tan. The “H” on this version is black with a neon green stroke, also seen on the FITTED crown and crest, and featuring the same Hawaiian State seal printed on the satin lining inside. These are limited, and are also available at the following boutiques.

5 & A dime (San diego)

Franks Chop Shop ( NYC)

Laced (Las Vegas)

Available Saturday 11.22.08

Also is you plan on coming early please park your car off site.

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