05 Nov '08


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You saw a preview of this hat when we took over Strictly Fitteds for a day & showcased all of our upcoming fitteds we have in store for the next year. Well, this Saturday is your chance to scoop one of the many "exclusives" we have cooked up for y’all. This specific fitted is a 100% cotton, tonal check black and features the Pride ‘H’ logo in kelly green, as well as the eyelets, crest & New Era logos. The inside is the new satin lining we’ve been running with our new product, the old Hawaii state seal followed up with green lining on the inside to give it even more pop. ‘Bird’s Eye View’ is the shirt that will be dropping along with this hat: all white tee which features birds soaring in the sky, with a backdrop of hibiscuses and the normal greenery you’d see in the islands, with an array of greens, black, & grey. The hat will also be available at Hall of Fame (LA), Frank's Chop Shop (NYC) & UNIV (San Diego & Miami) in very limited numbers. Only 100 are available at the shop.

Also, if you plan on coming early we ask that you park your cars at Ala
Moana Shopping center before 10am.