10 Nov '08


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Aloha & ladies & gents.

As always, we bring you another quality release. We hope you guys are satisfied with the quality amount of product we have been unleashing on y’all, we definitely pride ourselves in all our designs, whether it be t-shirts or caps. Let’s get down to business, starting with a custom MLB: Toronto Blue Jays featuring blue on the back four panels and gray on the front 2, green brim and red button with an alternate Toronto logo. With this new shirt we wanted to pay tribute to everyone in Hawaii who is going through the current struggle that is bound on all of us, from being in this recession, to our local troops stationed abroad, the employees who recently lost their jobs at Aloha Airlines. The shirt comes in dark gray and features a seal with the idiom “Blood, Sweat & Tears” (also translated in Hawaiian), with 2 kahilis on each side.

Available Tomorrow Nov. 11