18 Apr '08


Posted by admin


You’ve been waiting for this, and we’re returning promises. This Saturday (4/19) we are releasing the 2nd to the last hat in our UH custom program. We also printed up a match t-shirt for this one-two combo pack. Here are the details in all it’s glory: burgundy UH cap whereas the UH logo consists of forrest green with black & metallic gold trimmings. The underbill is also forrest green, and the New Era logo hit is metallic gold. The matching t-shirt is printed on all white and features the standard FITTED logo in green and red crest across the chest, and green FITTED crown with a red outline on the back. You already know how fast these are normally out of the shop, so why not get there early to make sure you get yourself both the shirt AND hat? Remember, this is the 2nd to the last in our UH custom program, we can’t stress enough how these will become collector’s items – so get yours!