10 Oct '08


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This forthcoming Saturday 10.11.08 we are releasing another special project which pays homage to both the late, great Andy Warhol whom played a major role in a movement which became known as pop art, and “palaka fabric” and it’s association with the plantation field days. Warhol’s most famous artwork usually showed up in the form of illustrations known as monoprints, or “blotted ink” drawings. One of his more popular prints is an painting of a banana which is so simplistic, yet can still be seen with a hefty price tag attached to it. On the palaka (translation: plaid) side of things: the standard was checkered blue and white denim which was worn as a work shirt in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for the plantation field workers. The workers needed something that was rugged enough for hard labor. Eventually palaka was introduced into the mainstream world, where board shorts were made out of the fabric, and even Hawaiian shirts. This leads us to our “Pineapple Aloha” pack with our own Hawaiian twist to Andy Warhol’s vision. Setting things off with the hat, which is another collaboration between FITTED and Estate LA, we revisit our ever popular “Aloha” hat with summer vibes surrounding it this time around. The cap features “green palaka” plaid on all 6 panels with a black denim brim and yellow underside. The front 2 panels features the words “Aloha” in yellow, while the back features a FITTED crest hit, right side features the words “Welcome To Honolulu” and the left side features a FITTED crown hit. On to the shirt, all white tee with a pineapple sitting on the front. The pineapple also is a huge representation for Hawaii, and has been since the plantation field days. On the back is the FITTED crown with hits of the front graphic throughout. These are limited to 100 pieces for the hat and 80 pieces for the t-shirt. First come first serve.