23 Jan '08


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Montreal native A-Trak blasted onto the music scene in the mid-90s by winning every DJ battle under the sun before hitting puberty. He's established himself as an in-demand party rocker in his own right, on top of being a certain Kanye West's tour DJ. Trizzy has produced tracks for a variety of artists over the years, from established favorites like Lupe Fiasco to buzzworthy newcomer Kid Sister. A-Trak’s brand of club music falls neatly between electro and rap, managing to stay at the fine point of music, adapting his DJ skills to an ever-expanding selection with great consistency.

His presence in the streetwear scene led A-Trak to launch the latest "Capture the Flag" collaboration; the latest addition to this collection is a limited-edition, early 90s-inspired hat with New Era as part of the Capture The Flag series.

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