25 Apr '08

A hui Hou....

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Sadly, this Saturday (4/26) is the day we are releasing the LAST custom UH– along with a matching t-shirt. On the bright side of things, this particular UH hat is crazy! Here are the specs: the front two panels are white, the back four panels are green and the UH logo itself consists of silver with a green and black stroke. The New Era logo hit is in silver as well. The t-shirt that goes along with this is an all black tee with a REFLECTIVE FITTED + Crest logo fill, the back features our crown also in a REFLECTIVE fill. REMEMBER, this is THE LAST cap in our UH custom program, BUT we will still be bringing you UH hats – the catch being that they won’t be seen in crazy color combos anymore, we’ll be sticking more to tonal / traditional colors. Come down and get yours (both hat & tee) to add to your non-stop growing FITTED collection.

Aloha And Mahalo..