11 Jul '08


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As the island starts heating up with our cool and breezy, yet hot summer days, we have prepared more crazy custom MLBs and another brand new shirt graphic that we’re proud to unveil this Saturday (July 12). These 3 caps plus the shirt reek of good ol’ Hawaii summertime vibes. Setting things off with the 3 hats: We have a New York Yankees custom which features dark green on all 6 paneling, gold brim with a red underside, red eyelets, and gold New Era logo hit and top button with a scarlet red Yankees logo. Moving on to another North Eastern city, we have a Baltimore Orioles custom which features gray on all 6 paneling, brown brim and gray underside with a metallic cobalt blue O’s logo with a brown stroke. Heading downsouth on the I-95 we approach a Florida Marlins custom: kelly green on the back four panels, white on the front 2 panels, kelly green brim with an orange underbill, and orange eyelets and top button (Maimi Hurricans Colors). Sliding into the shirt is a brand new graphic which pulls inspiration from the late 80’s movie “North Shore,” one of the graphics that was used on a surfboard, shines with that 80’s color but with our own FITTED twist to it as usual.

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Aloha Friday!!