08 Sep '08


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Not only is Kona Street the home to your favorite, locally homegrown hat boutique (FITTED) – it’s a pretty notorious street (its since been fairly cleaned up). Almost negatively notorious. Check the alleyway right next to the shop, all types of shady things go down in that alleyway. The strip is also home to many massage parlors, Venus nightclub and the infamous Femme Nu strip club. And mixed in between all that are random hostess bars and restaurants. Brawls have been witnessed in front of the shop, random shootings, as well as some high profile murders. It could get pretty grimey on our block, but step through the doors of Fitted and you will be greeted with Aloha! This brings us to our next t-shirt, which features the words “Kona Street” on the front in block letters in orange & purple. We squeezed in 2 custom hats to go along with this: a throwback NBA cap, San Diego Rockets which features green on the 2 front panels, the back four are yellow and an orange brim with a brown button. Add to that an all gold / orange UH hat with white eyelets and white New Era logo and you’re good to go!

Available Tomorrow @ 11am