06 Nov '07


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What's good fams?

Even more product is flowing through the doors. In today are 3 new styles of
Stussy New Eras. The first style is called the "Lace Script" which features
Stussy's script logo which looks like a shoelace, in raised yellow
embroidery on a royal blue hat. The inside of the hat features a satin
lining of Stussy's old school logos. The next style is called "Rhythm" and
comes in grey and brown, and features an all over paisley print.

Along with the Stussy shipment, we received some new 10.Deep New Eras. 1
style, 2 colors: red, grey and blue which features a plaid lumberjack print.
These hats are 100% cotton, perfect to keep you warm in the Winter.

Mahalo Nui Loa