09 Sep '10


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Chef Lindsey Ozawa is like any other artist – his creativity can be stifled under the constraints of a corporation. So when the culinary artist recently parted ways with his former employer, Fitted was happy to see that Lindsey's cuisine creativity could flow freely into a fresh concept. Just look at how the chef played a big influence in the creation of the V-Lounge pizza. When Lindsey is not confined to a particular genre of food he can let his culinary artistry loose. The following story was written before Ozawa stopped working for the fancy-pancy, expensive restaurant that will remain nameless throughout the text. In fact, we had to go through the story and block out each time the aforementioned eatery was mentioned. So here is the story of a chef that is way too gangster to ever be called a foodie.
From Waikīkī To Kona Street
Following the culinary art of chef Lindsey Ozawa
By Daniel Ikaika Ito

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