19 Jun '12


Posted by admin

It's that time of year again, a time when the patriarch of the family gets to do things his way. For me my favorite way to spend Father's Day is to remove myself from traffic and taxes and spend my hours with friends and family enjoying mother nature's beauty. So here we are at the fifth annual Father's Day camping trip on the Westside of Oahu, I could tell you exactly where but chances are that you already know via the interweb and the numerous photos that were tagged on instabrag. Oh well. Anyways things went according to plan with lots of toys to play with and tasty dishes and cuzzo lights for all. Staff photog on this particular trip was none other than seasoned vet Mr. Eric Arii and I must say he did an excellent job of capturing the finer points of the weekend. It takes teamwork to have a great campsite and all hands were on deck making sure that the drinks were cold and the food was hot. Uncle Luke was a stand out this year showing up early with portapotties in tow (lots of happy wives), the first time in five years that I didn't have to watch out for the brown eel. By the amount of brand new tents that sprang up it looks like a lot of camping cherries were popped this year. Until next year I leave you with these pics for your mental rolodex. Later - RM