12 May '14


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Keeping in this blog's theme of the celebration of leisure I share with you my Saturday. It actually started early Friday morning while I was at Capri's May Day performance, it's 8:30am and my flip phone (yeah yeah yeah I know even your Grandma has an iPhone... whatever) starts buzzing and I receive a picture from Sky. The pic was of two Ono on the deck of his boat with an accompanying text that read "And....I'm done:)CHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" As soon as the show was over I call him and he can barely contain his excitement as he tells me the fish are biting. I immediately ask him if he wants to make another run the next day, which brings us to Saturday. He meets me at the ramp at 6am and there are already more than a few boats in the water, apparently there was a 70 person wedding going on at the sandbar so the parking lot is packed. Add in the canoe race and you get the idea... Heeia is crackin'. I'll take this crowd over the late night vermin of town any day. After we negotiate the swarm we head out to where the fish had been the day before. As we are setting the lures we see another boat coming towards us that is hooked up... stoked the fish are still around. 30 minutes and a lure change later we get what we came for a double strike!! always bet on purple when hunting Ono. After we wrangle the fish to the boat I let out few loud expletives and Sky says "welcome to the neighborhood!" yes indeed. Since I had the in-laws coming over for lunch and we had more than enough fish to feed the gang we clean up, re-rig and head in feeling righteous. All this and it isn't even 8am yet. With smooth seas and the pressure off we get another double strike as we are heading in, again more wrangling more expletives and more stoke. 4 Ono in 1 hour are you kidding me? Anyways the quick trip outside the bay allowed time for a short stop to enjoy the views that make the Windward side of Oahu so unique in the Hawaiian island chain. Back at the house we share the score with the neighbors and lounged around for hours eating and drinking the day away. Escape to Paradise. - RM
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PC - Sky / Mr. Alvin