03 Apr '13


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Fitted x Aloha Got Soul: Hawaiian Salt
Let me explain the name behind the Fitted x Aloha Got Soul mixtape project that's coming out on April 20th. First of all, we're calling it  Hawaiian Salt.
What is Hawaiian Salt? For many, it's an expensive alternative to the all-too-familiar stuff you douse on your food to add flavor. Except unlike table salt, Hawaiian salt comes in all kinds of colors and flavors, meaning you can pick the appropriate seasoning to compliment the dish you're serving.
For those who dig a little deeper, Hawaiian salt reaches back thousands of years to Native Hawaiians who cultivated this sacred, medicinal, healing mineral on our islands in order to preserve humankind's most important commodity: food.
One thing is certain: Native Hawaiians have cherished salt for its most important use, preservation.
And that's exactly what Fitted x Aloha Got Soul are doing with this mixtape: preserving the funky, flavorful music of Hawaii's past.
I could go on and on with clichés and puns about salt. So let's break down a few reasons why we chose Hawaiian Salt as the name of this seminal project.

Most importantly, Hawaiian Salt preserves

Is music nothing but food for the soul? Every time I listen to music, I can feel my soul fill up with some kind of feeling—whether it's joy or sadness or empathy.
But these feelings won't be nourished or provoked if the music isn't preserved.
Our main goal with this mixtape is to document and preserve the music of Hawaii's past—a time when soul, funk, and groove flowed through the islands, fueling a renaissance of optimistic energy during the 1970s and 1980s that propelled what I see as one of Hawaii's most musically prolific eras ever.
We want to preserve this incredible era of our the music of our islands.

Hawaiian Salt also adds flavor

That's an obvious one, right? But I tell you, after going back-and-forth on this project with Fitted for the past two years, this name—Hawaiian Salt—hit us like an apple on the head.
When we brainstormed this name 14 months into the project, we knew it was perfect because it spoke of exactly what we were hoping to achieve: preserving Hawaii's musical past and imbuing the local community with incomparable sounds of the island.
Evidently, those sounds are as mixed as the sounds you'll hear on the mixtape: disco and funk and soul and pop and jazz and groove and anything else that sets you up on the dancefloor. Just like the music, the salts of Hawaii come in a variety of flavors:
* Red: salt mixed with volcanic clay
* White: the original un mixed salt
* Black: salt mixed with charcoal
* Green: salt mixed with bamboo leaf extract
With so many flavors (and with 27 tracks on the Hawaiian Salt mixtape), you too can season up your musical collection with the Fitted x Aloha Got Soul mixtape. Forgive me, I couldn't resist that pun.
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Where can I get this mixtape??

On April 20, 2013, Fitted will release an exclusive Hawaiian Salt tee with the mixtape online and in-stores. Read stories from the musicians themselves at Aloha Got Soul.