15 Mar '13


Posted by admin
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Took the Scupper out yesterday on the South Shore. Yes the South Shore still has fish, headed out from Ala Moana to Sand Island side and just as I am crossing the Honolulu Harbor channel the light tackle Penn starts humming. That sound never gets old. As I am reeling in the catch I am getting pulled into the channel and just as I start to see color I hear a loud horn blow and it is the Navatek heading out the channel. Couple quick strokes and I am out of the way. Felt really small as the massive ship went by with paying tourists wondering what the fuck I was doing in the shipping lane. Having fun of course! Anyways ended up with multiple strikes and let a nice barracuda go on to live another day. Offered the Uku to uncle Ola, figured he could use the protein to keep up with the rapidly growing Banksy. Hard to beat fresh fish. - RM