23 Jul '10


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While away visiting our boy Lenny, we would pass this all in one hot spot each day on our way to the hospital. This place had it all, meat market, fresh tortillas and a restaurant all connected with a common hallway. The meat market was packed with fresh cut meat, marinated favorites like carne asada, chicken and fresh chorizo. The mesquite charcoal was also there to complete your BBQ kit. The center area housed the tortilleria where old Mexican ladies were busy making homemade fresh chicharon, tortas and tortillas. On the opposite end of the meat market was the restaurant where $3.99 would get you 3 amazing tacos and a soda. I opted for 2 carne asada and 1 cabeza to start my day, breakfast of champions! All of this just reminded me how much Hawai'i needs some authentic Mexican cuisine. Enjoy.