05 Mar '15


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So back to the important stuff, Christina's brother Jon-Michael is in town nursing a broken collar bone (snowboarding accident) and after meeting him at the warehouse I thought it would be a good idea to take him fishing. It's always nice to have new energy on the boat from time to time and brothers enthusiasm is infectious. A little confidence never hurts either and brother was telling us about how lucky he is from the launch! Oh yeah and he showed up at the dock on time and with a cold 30 pack, things just felt right. So we get out into some smooth deep water and start trolling/drinking. After a couple hours of trying to out maneuver the humpbacks I decide to change direction and within a few minutes we had a small kawa-kawa in the boat. I was inclined to throw it back but before I could, Jon-Michael yelled "fuck yeah I'm gonna eat that thing!". I replied "it's all yours buddy" so in the box it went. We motored down the coast a bit more and had another small kawa-kawa in the boat, I held it up to brother and he said "fuck yeah I'm gonna eat that one too!", so in the box it went.
By this time, captain and crew are thoroughly feeling the effects of the blue mountains and accepting the fact that it might just be a small fish kind of day. I could see some clouds building up on the horizon and decided to again change direction. With the boat pointed homebound, the jam box bumping Rocket Man by Elton John(don't judge) and all on board listening to Jon-Michael tell a story about how his friend had his entire college tuition paid for by Bill Gates as a tip for being his golf caddy at Pebble Beach the short rigger pops and the 12/0 starts screaming!. Both Christina and Jon-Michael immediately look at me with big eyes and I yell "fuck yeah fish on!" Now I am pumped as this is the reason why I woke up at 5am. As every boat captain does when hooked up I begin barking out orders to the crew... "Christina get on that reel and start fucking cranking... keep the line tight!".... "Jon-Michael grab the helm and keep the boat going straight!". I get the other lines cleared and sit back and watch as Christina tries her best the manage the tug of the fish on the other end. This being her first real fish she begins to struggle to get line back. With the pressure of the captain yelling at her..."keep the line fucking tight and reel it in evenly!" and her brother heckling her with their classic family slogan... "hurry up you haole!" she begins to lose focus and strength. I ask her..."is the fish still on?"... she replies.."I don't know?" oh shit now I am concerned. I ask her to move over so I can check the line and I am horrified when I look at the reel and see that we only have a 1/8th spool of line left..."holy shit girl what the fuck happen to the line?!". I undo the safety line and move the reel to the corner and get to work, and by work I mean reeling in the 700 yds of line that Christina lost. 20 minutes later we have the beautiful and tasty mahi on the deck and I am giving it a good beating with the gaf. With the fish secured in the box we begin to celebrate... high fives and cold beer for everyone!! We haul ass back to the sand bar for more high fives and more beer and more stoke. Just another amazing day Hawaii Nei. Aloha - RM