10 May '12


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History tells us the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vasquez de Coronado failed in his search to find the mythical Seven Cities of Gold. Perhaps he should have explored the affluent city that bears his name,  Coronado is located a short drive over the Coronado Bridge from down town San Diego. Although the streets here are not paved with gold, it is reputed to be the most expensive place to reside in the United States. [‘Dunno, ever try to get an apartment in Manhattan?] At any rate, coming into Coronado over the bridge is almost like a final approach in a aircraft. Once you reach the peak of the bridge, throttle back, concentrate, reduce speed and don’t you dare  get distracted by the magnificent view for the railings are only 34 inches high and it’ll be another 200ft  to the waters of San Diego Bay. Your passengers however are treated to a panorama that is unequalled. From the promontory of Cabrillo Point on the right to the bullring in Tijuana on the left.
Coronado has many significant features. Beside the many mansions of the one percenters there is also North Island Naval Air Station and of course it is the home of the Navy Seal School. [Let’s take a moment to offer sincere gratitude to our warriors] The Hotel del Coronado located here since 1888, a spectacular Victorian structure with a guest list that includes many dozens that have ruled the world.When I wander the grounds with a martini in hand [ it would help if your first time out of town guests you are escorting are generous] I always think of that film shot here, you know, “Some Like It Hot” with Lemmon, Curtis and Monroe. Silly piece of cinema really, but then I’ve always been in love with Marilyn. The best part of Coronado is the long, wide beach. May I suggest that you leave your electronics at home, bring some beach chairs, an umbrella, a copy of that book you’ve been meaning to read, of course a cooler packed with refreshments, then build a sand castle with the young ones. I tell you the wealthy folks who live here could not have it any better. - POPS