07 Feb '14


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Down here Honomalino is about as far away from the world of work and consumption as one could hope to be, unless of course you are talking about the 6 pack of cuzzo lights that I brought in my back pack. Those were most definitely consumed. To get here you must first descend a winding 5 mile single lane road from the main hwy and then hike a pleasant 1 mile lava rock path that hugs the coastline. No cars here and a good thing too... because if this black sand beach was accessible by car I'm sure it would be overrun with the less adventurous. What makes this trip memorable is that our "line leader" Kuhao hooked up a beautiful blue omilu just off the rocks on the southern end of the beach. Kuhao has been busy doing charity work and not fishing as he told us... he also shared that he had been skunked on his 5 previous trips to the bay. I knew his luck had changed when Capri, Auntie Ashley, Uncle Kema and myself were exiting the aquarium like water only to look up and see Kuhao walking out with significantly more swagger than he walked in with(catching a fish will do that to you). The self proclaimed knife snob then proceeded to make a brisk b-line for the campsite where he whipped out a extremely sharp sashimi knife and hooked us up with a tasty platter of fresh fish. So good. - RM
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