08 Sep '09


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FITTED was well represented this weekend at the Red Bull Rivals surf competition. Three of our surfers were on the winning South Shore squad. Big ups to Keanu, Koa-boi and Zeke!!
08 Sep '09


Town Over Country
The South Shore Team Wins Red Bull Rivals
By Daniel Ikaika Ito
Photos By: Zak Noyle
[Keanu Asing was the only surfer voted on to both teams by the fans. Luckily for the South Shore, Asing decided to punt big airs for the Town team.]
The South Shore team represented at Sandy Beach by winning the Red Bull Rivals and edging out the North Shore on Saturday. This event was an invite-only pro surf contest that looked more like a Labor Day beach party; Brazilian-bikini-clad booties lined the shore. Red Bull guzzling groms pounded cans of carbonated beverages under the big, blue tent. DJ’s spun the latest jams, including several leaked tracks from Jay-Z’s unrealeased album Blue Print 3. BBQs fired up in the parking lot. The pro surfers flared up in the 2-foot, shifty wedges.
An east swell provided contestable, shoulder high peaks for the both squads across the treacherously shallow Half Point reef. This wave is a notoriously, tricky surf break with late takeoffs and sketchy sections over coral heads, but it couldn’t stop the Town team from edging out The Country 17-15.

[The alley-oop that inspired a 13-4 run, Jamie O’Brien and the North Shore team put a good fight which made for a great show.]
The South Shore team dominated the first two rounds of competition and seemed to have the event in the bag till The North Shore boys, led by a Jamie O’Brien alley-oop, went on a 13 to 4 run. Fortunately, Dustin Cuizon sowed up the victory by beating TJ Barron, after Jun Jo disposed of Kalani David in the previous heat. Thus allowing the South Shore to squeak out a close victory, claim bragging rights and win the North Shore team’s surfboards.
The winners utilized a slight home field advantage over their opponents because of local knowledge from Eastside natives Jun Jo, Kolea Fukumitsu and Kekoa Cazimero. All three surfers grew up surfing the tricky peaks at Sandy Beach and served as assistant coaches on the South shore squad.
[Probably the last time Sandy Beach saw this much action from a surf contest was back in ’86 at The Gotcha Pro.]
“You have to know the break to really link up a wave from Half Point to Pipe Littles and we tried to utilize that,” says Kekoa Cazimero who is a 20-year-old, die-hard Sandy’s local. “It was definitely good to have home field advantage for an all around sick event.”
Both stacked teams flared up in the 10-minute, man-on-man heats, making the action face-paced and spectator friendly. Teams decided the heat match ups that made things extra interesting and added more strategy to the competition. The team aspect of Red Bull Rivals kept the pro surfers on the beach, alongside the fans and frothing over sick maneuvers. South Shore wahine Carissa Moore enjoyed the unique format and camaraderie of this contest.
[Carissa Moore was psyching on the team camaraderie of the Red Bull Rivals.]
“It was super fun and I didn’t know what to expect really, but it was really fun to be apart of a team,” said Moore. “I (the contest format) was pretty sick because it was sort of like an expression session heat and I liked it. Hopefully, this will go somewhere and we can do it again.”
In hopes of continuing the future of the Red Bull Rivals and to share Aloha with the community, the South Shore Team is donating their spoils of victory (the North Shore Team’s boards) to local non-profit communities. According to Jason Shibata this contest was an all around success and pleasure to compete in.
[The South Shore team awaits the North Shore’s boards.]
“This is one of the best events I’ve ever done and to have Red Bull support an event like this is killer,” said Shibata who skippered the South Shore team. “This event was so good– it’s good for the spectators, it’s good for the sponsors and it’s more of an event put on to give back to the people and the place instead of a money-making thing.”
[The Town Team displays their winnings before they’re donated to various Hawaiian charities. It’s all about Aloha in Hawaii at the Red Bull Rivals.]
South Shore (Town)
Jason Shibata
Kekoa Cazimero
Jun Jo
Nick Mita
Dustin Cuizon
Randall Paulson
Kolea Fukumitsu
Ezekiel Lau
Keanu Asing
Isiah Moniz
Carissa Moore
North Shore (The Country)
Jamie O’Brien
Derek Ho
Mason Ho
Sean Moody
Kalani Robb
TJ Barron
Makua Rothman
Sol Ortiz
Sheldon Paishon
Kalani David
Aleesa Quizon