31 Dec '13



WOW, what a year it's been, huh?! ...A lot of amazing releases and exciting drops! I'm sure all of you have quite the handful of new stories and fond memories that followed your 'sneaker hunting' this year. I couldn't possibly comprise a numbered list of my favorite 2013 drops, so I'm going to do this list a bit differently... I thought it'd be fun to categorize my personal favorite pick-ups this year and put it all together. By the way, it's okay if you don't agree... After all, this is my blog, right?! (:
I hope everyone has had as good and growthful year as I have... 2014 is looking upful! Enjoy life my friends!
Air Jordan Retro I 'Breds'
Awwwwwman! These right here are my ultimate joints! I see myself in these when I'm 80... If there's any shoe that I could permanently attach to my feet, it'd be these without question. If anyone has extra size 9's for a decent price, I'll take em... all.
Air Jordan Retro I 'Royals'
Who the hell doesn't like Royals?! ...Need I say more? Would've scooped 10+ if these weren't so damn limited!
Air Jordan Retro XI 'Breds'
The feeling of rocking a fresh pair of Bred 11's is quite amazing... The only gripe I have with 11's in general is that they require a tad bit more care than other sneakers. When these dropped this year, I definitely did not hesitate to pick up as many as I could. Glad I was able to lace up the family, including young Banks Boogie who rocks em harder than most! ...Hopefully someone will invent a ridiculously good sealant for taking out the annoying swirly scratches in patent leather; game changer.
Air Jordan Retro IV 'Toro'
I'm in love with these... The crispiness of the red synthetic nubuck is life changing (Don't mind my extremeness... lol). Such a solid color way for a non-original. Color looks amazing, they fit well, and surprisingly, I'm not too mad at the quality! Now I just gotta keep the creases out the toe box and I'm straight... Toro IV's for the win.
Air Jordan Retro V 'Black Grapes'
Grape V's are my all time favorite V's so it's natural for me to adore the black version. White version is clean, black version is hard; Gotta have both. Back in '06, the highlight of my year was opening the box to a full case of Grape Retros. I was lucky enough to have gotten through ordering 10 pairs off Eastbay (it was allowed back then) over the phone, then was even more lucky to get 2 more from a local retailer... Shoe hunting was definitely a lot different back then. Needless to say, I still have a few crispy '06's tucked away for a rainy day...
Air Jordan Retro V 'Fear Pack'
I'll start by saying the materials used on these is amazing. The cracked leather adds so much to the shoe without overdoing it. Olive and red always compliment each other... The gradient fade on the midsole was bugging me at first, but I think I'm slowly growing to like it. Speckles, dope; Black netting, dope. Best of the 3 Fears for me. Maybe a clear bottom next time instead of the ice blue though??
Nike Flyknit Chukka 'Wolf Grey'
Definitely my favorite color way of the general release Flyknit Chukka line... One of my favorite color combos is grey, red, and white, so you can obviously see why these appeal to me. Although flyknit are quite busy, these couldn't be cleaner. Not to mention, the comfort, weight, and shape of this shoe is perfect.
Nike Flyknit Trainer Multi
Bright but beautiful, these bad boys can accent the most boring of outfits perfectly. I do love the colors of the flyknit weave, however, I could've done without the blue stripe. The design of the overall shoe is amazing and the screen printed Swoosh is an interesting touch.
Nike Free Flyknit Multi
Such an interestingly different shoe, these intrigued me at first leak... Trying one on for the first time is quite different from slipping your foot in any other sneaker. Comfort while surprisingly sturdy, these definitely feel like a natural part of your body when wearing.
Atmos x Nike Air Max 90 'Camo Pack' Duck Camo / Infrared
With Air Max 90 Infrareds as my all time favorite 90, how can I not appreciate these in some way?! They are a bit flashy, but the black suede and Duck Camo additions accent this fine pair of runners quite nicely... I wish I stocked big on these!
Beams x Nike Air Max 1 PRM
What can I say...? Milans are cool... These are better. The color of the premium suede is a perfect tan, while the tonal upper lends itself to the cleanest look possible. The orange outer sole, tongue hit, and lace tips are lightly added to offer some excitement. I haven't laced up my pair yet, but you can bet these will feel good when I do!
Nike Air Max 1 Tiger Camo / Snake
In case you were wondering, these were fairly easy to pick up at Atmos in Tokyo... As my friend who sent these to me explained, these sat for a tiny bit once their opening line died down. Why? ...I don't know. I feel like all the Atmos colabs took a huge turn towards the hype as soon as these caught everyones attention... Anyhow, scooped doubles and wore one a few times. Thanks to my brother out there in JP for holding me down! They're a tad stiff due to the snake fabric, but they seem catch a lot of attention...
Cole Haan Lunargrand Chukka with Nike Lunar Technology
Since the Lunargrand, Cole Haan's have been my go-to's for any slightly formal attire. The comfort of these are amazing and the contrasting colors are always a nice addition to your outfit. They're a tad more costly than your regular sneakers/shoes, but well worth the price... Premium quality, premium look.
Nike Mayfly Woven
Such a simple shoe, but so many good things to say... First off, I love the comfortability of these. The soft and loose feel of the suede plus the cushiony sole always allow my feet to have a struggle-free day. The weight of these is crazy; They quite possibly weigh less than your favorite pair of beach slippers. When I'm in a rush to start my day, or I just can't decide what sneakers to wear, you can bet I'm walking out the door with these bad boys...
Nike Solarsoft Mocassin Floral
Funny thing about these is that I actually despised the use of floral on them upon first judgement. For some odd reason I decided to give them a go because I've never owned a Solarsoft Moc before... As tacky as the print is, I've realized it matched the silhouette quite nicely and is weirdly interesting enough to set off a casual outfit. "Boogie Boots," I call em...
Stussy x Nike ACG Trainerendor 'Black'
I am thoroughly impressed at the strength of the 3M Reflective on these. I'm so glad these kinda just creeped into the lineup without much hype. Huge thank you to my lady who picked one up for me as part of my X-mas gift, and also my good homie who helped her out with that (you know who you are)! If these didn't make it into my closet, I'd definitely lose sleep over em... If I'm being honest though, I wished Nike matched the Swoosh color to the lining a bit better. Stussy was on point to hit a colab with these early!
Nike N7 Free Forward Mocassin
Such an interesting sneaker... How they pulled this off, I don't know. Slept on by so many people, and I can't figure out why... Sure they're funky, but wouldn't you agree that it's in a good way?! To be honest though, I dug the cream colored WMNS version a lot better than these... Maybe I should've chanced the skinnier fit of the WMNS one too... Meh.
Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low
How was Supreme able to make me interested in SB's again?! Oh yeah, these... I had a deep, deep love for SB's once so when these released, it felt good to reminisce on that. Good quality, nice color way, respected brand colab; check. Thanks to my dude out in JP for helping me with these... Lifesaver.
TOP 3 ASICS OF 2013:
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel-Lyte III 'Volcanos'
Man oh man oh man oh man I love these! I was stressin' hard when I couldn't scoop upon original release! Although I know a few people who disagree, to me, these have all the right colors in all the right places... Gotta love the salmon, neon orange, and navy hits on the ever-classy deep red! ...Not to mention the comfortability of the GLV! Thank you brother John over at Truest for one of my top favorites of 2013!
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel-Lyte III 'Flamingos'
Another ridiculously good color way here by Ronnie Fieg... When I look at these, I feel just the right amount of cleanliness with a hint of sturdiness. Then there's the rope laces... gawd. I'm so glad to have these in my lineup!
Asics Gel-Lyte V 'White / Purple'
Such and underrated sneaker... why?! I swear I over-wore them when they first touched down on my doorstep! Yes, they are annoyingly hard to keep clean, but that's the name of the game...
CNCPTS x New Balance 998 'Mint'
One of three I HAD to get this year... 998's are amongst my all time favorite NB silhouettes so naturally I was excited when I first seen them. The concept is dope, color way is dope, materials are ill; How could I sleep?! I thank CNCPTS for blessing the world with these...
Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1600 'Daytona'
I honestly wasn't too excited about these when they released the photos... Could've possibly been that I was caught up in a ridiculously busy time of the year. Anyhow, I was lucky enough to pick one of these up from my good homie @took_HNLA and they've consistently been a part of my daily outfits. The softness of this shoes interior is indescribable! Very impressed that these were constructed in Asia...
Ubiq x New Balance 1600 'The Benjamin'
I love me some 1600's... The beautiful brown leather accents really make this shoe for me. Overall clean color blocking utilizing primary colors... Kilt.
Air Jordan Retro V 'Doernbecher'
Busy busy busy, but amazing... These definitely upped the level of capability and execution with Jordan Brand. Who the hell does a blacklight sneaker that comes with a blacklight flashlight?!
Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory 'Sharkbait'
I haven't been able to see one in person, but the tumbled leather look amazing... The color was a bit played out this year, but these rock it well. The gold hits were a nice touch along with the stellar packaging. Too bad the hype killed my chances of owning one at retail price...
CNCPTS x New Balance 998 'C-Note'
CNCPTS hit it on the nose with these... Anyone with a 8.5 or 9 for sale, please let me know! Like the new $100 C-Note, these have tremendously grown on me and should be sitting in my closet, right next to my Tannery Mints...
Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka 'Blue Glow'
Flyknit is such an amazing invention... The blueish grey mixture of these make me cry! HTM, PLEASE offer your talents to the general public!!! GAH.
Sneakersnstuff x Milkcrate x New Balance 577
Top notch cleanliness. Tonal greys never seem to disappoint me... Funny thing is, I had no idea these even dropped! ...Where was I?!
West NYC x New Balance 580 "Alpine Guide Edition'
I hesitated because it was a 580... Big mistake. This color way is too crackin! Should've been a no-brainer for me... *shrug*
24Kilates Le Coq Sportif Flash
Le Coq's don't get much appreciation out here in Hawaii and I think that should change... This color way right here is nasty. I have yet to pick up my first pair; these should've been it.
Bodega x New Balance 577 'Hyprcats'
A bit colorful at first glance, but the colors work well... I really like that grey cotton mid upper with rainbow specks; nice touch. 577's aren't my favorite, but these go...
Saint Alfred x Asics Gel-Lyte III
I just plain slept on these like a fool... GREAT color palette and very unique. Good job STA...
CNCPTS x Asics Gel-Lyte III 'Three Lies'
I should've grabbed them when I had the chance... What was I thinking debating these? However, just as I predicted, the pictures of these were a tad misleading. In person, the suede and toe box color wasn't as vibrant, but I didn't quite mind. The speckle overload is actually pretty cool too...
18 Dec '13



Aloha all,
...It's been a lot busier week than I expected! Hope all of you are enjoying your holidays! A lot of good sneakers surfacing just in time for Christmas... My wallet has been taking a beating! Shouts to all those who scooped products from our Holiday Delivery One and Two releases; I hope you guys enjoyed it! Also, the @oldsolenewtricks IG has been getting a lot of love lately, so thank you to those who follow that as well! Feel free to IG message me any sneaker photos and they may possibly go up!
Anyhow, gonna open this weeks blog with my first ever Asics custom I had the pleasure of doing for one of my best friends, DJ XXXL from Japan... It was a fun project! I'm keeping this weeks post fairly light so we can all go out and finish our last minute X-mas shopping! Before you leave though, make sure to scroll to the bottom and read brother J DUB's interview! You ain't an OG in the Hawaii sneaker game unless you know this slick buggah right here! Gonna open Cheers homies!
Asics Gel-Lyte III "DJ XXXL" Parkz Custom
Nike Air Foamposite One "Oregon"
Ohhh no... Here we go.
Air Jordan VI "Toro"
Not too into new color ways of retros, but I dig...
Air Jordan XI Low
Umm... maybe, maybe, eek!
Nike KD 6 "Energy"
Lookin pretty nerfish... I still haven't put a KD on til this day...
Puma Future Disc Blaze Lite "New Year's Eve Pack"
Ehhhh.... shinny.
Extra Butter x Asics Gel Epirus #DL5 "California Mountain Snake"
I love the Death List concept and I think that's what swayed me to get the first two, even though I was on the fence about them leading up to the drop... These, ehh. They're cool, but if I end up getting a pair, I'm definitely X-ing the piping and cross on the back!
Sneaker Freaker x adidas Originals Torsion Integral S
I've never owned a pair of these, but they look pretty dope... Sneaker Freaker did an awesome job with the color ways too!
8FIVE2 x Vans Syndicate Authentic S + Cab Lite S

Introducing the exclusive 5th A and 5th B Vans Syndicate x 8FIVE2SHOP shoes; AUTHENTIC ’S’ and CAB LITE ’S' from Flow Points-Jordan Mayfield on Vimeo.
OLD SOLE, NEW TRICKS INTERVIEW: J DUB | Triple OH sneaker GEEnius, X-Niketown Honolulu Employee
Jason K. Wahineokai
Nickname / AKA:
Depending on your definition of "hometown", born in Rome, New York, raised in Kahalu'u O'ahu and graduated in Tokyo, Japan.
My hustle:
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
33+ years
How many pairs I own:
A few...
My Holy Grail:
Original J Rod (reasonably priced), I come upon good prices for small sizes never my own.
My most despised footwear and why:
If you know me, you know I'm a diehard Nike fan. If you like something else, that's cool. It's just not my style.
Currently hunting for:
Right now just trying to get thru the holidays. After that, we'll see...
Amazing sneaker-related story:
The story I have isn't amazing but amazingly painful. It was when we were closing Niketown. I had to de-brand everything (destroy anything branded with a swoosh). It was like killing a family member. Saddest day of my professional career.
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
it all depends on how I'm feeling at any given moment. If it were a J it would be between the 1,3,4,11,12,13,14. If not a J then either Air Kukini or Air Rift.
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
I would love to see the quality go back up but as long as kids are willing to pay 3x retail for used/dirty shoes, Nike is going to capitalize on it and not worry about the quality and keep raising prices.
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
I would like the swoosh to come back to Hawaii. I miss my old job!!!
photo-12 copy
photo-13 copy
photo-14 copy
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
Mahalo to Mr. Parkz for the interview and a big Aloha to all in the game without greed and looking out for others.
A question for Parkz:
J DUB: Being that you've been in the game for a while, what bothers you the most about how things have changed?
Parkz: Well to be honest, I used to gripe about all the negative things dealing with how times have changed... I was just telling you the other day that I really miss how times were when I used to visit you at Niketown Honolulu almost a decade ago. Being engaged in this blog and reaching out to respectable individuals and friends such as yourself has helped me to not only reminisce about those good ol' days, but also help me accept the changes within the sneaker community. Now days I like to look at the changes in a positive way; sneaker love has escalated into something unimaginable. At any given moment you may see something epic just cruising down the streets on the feet of a stranger. A few minority of "collectors" tightened their game or got forced into digging for things that were unobtainable by the general public, which in return, produced amazing collections. There's so many good drops these days that it's nearly impossible to get everything one wishes for... On the opposite side of thinking this is a bad thing, it actually creates individuality by forcing kids to choose what they really care for (i.e. one may stick to "runners" or maybe strictly Jordans). Individuality is key to sticking it out through these present sneaker days... Being able to plan my financials according to my "pick-up priority list" and drop dates has allowed me to let go of sneakers that I may have wanted, but missed... That's a positive. I've learned that for every shoe I've missed, I'll want another new release within a couple days or so anyway! Haha! Also, retros have made a huge resurgence, thus allowing younger generations to relive the same feelings OG's got when they first laced up that specific pair for the first time... Positive. We all just gotta realize and appreciate that there could've very well been no sneaker culture at all in this world... Then what would all of you have done?! lol... In the end, there will always be quarrels with something going on with the sneaker world, whether it be because kids snag pairs for resell, or Nike is retroing too many classic sneakers... That's just the game... and I'm just having fun with it. Cheers old friend!
Interview by: JJ Parkz
11 Dec '13



Aloha all,
Everyone feeling Holiday stress yet??? ...I am! haha. With all that's going on daily, I haven't had much time to devote to keeping up with sneakers, but maybe that's a good thing! lol. Remember to finish your Christmas shopping before splurging all your money on new releases for yourself! ...In the end, there's ALWAYS something new that you'll want! Be easy folks, and enjoy the season!
PS - Peep the interview with my home girl, Kashibang, down below! ...Ladies got heat too! Peace!
Nike Free Run 2 Sneakerboot Leather Quickstrike
Never really been into Free Runs, but these Leather Mids are pretty smooth... Quality looks on point.
Nike Kobe 2 "Prelude"
This prelude series is a pretty smart way to revive Kobe's and make a pretty quick buck at the same time. Nike will forever capitalize...
Stussy x Nike SB Trainerendor - Black - Neon
These are good... Will buy.
Nike Air Max 90 Jacquard
I really like the look of the jacquard execution, but the seamlessness is still pretty weird to me... I guess that's why I don't quite dig hyperfuse.
Air Jordan XII "Taxi"
Classic... Who's scooping this week?
SNS (Sneakersnstuff) x Reebok Shaqnosis "Tribute"
I don't own a single pair of Shaq sneakers, and probably never will... Just not my thing.
Reebok Classic Leather "Embossed Camo" Pack
Cool idea but too much going on for me... I always think of bok Classics to look best in a one color tonal with a gum bottom.
Solebox x Reebok Pump Omni Zone + Twilight Zone
I've always enjoyed a clean pair of Reebok Pump Omni's... These are cool, but nothing special to me.
Stash x Reebok Question - Black - Red - Grey
Stash always designs pretty cool color ways... I like these, but nothing compares to the original color ways I rocked as a young baller... haha!
Sneaker Freaker x Puma Blaze of Glory "Sharkbait"
I really dig the whole Shark Series by SF and this next one is lookin' pretty G. I spy trilocks...
adidas adistar Racer - Black - Rose Gold
These have always been too sporty for me, but this particular one is pretty clean...
adidas Gazelle OG
So many good classics making a resurgence these days...
Onitsuka Tiger Shaw Runner
I love the shape and color way for sure, and surprisingly, I don't really mind the seamless side logo here... I think the fact that it's raised, changes my whole outlook on seamless features on sneakers.
Nickname / AKA:
Shoe size:
5.5 Y
photo 1
My hustle:
I'm yo pusha. No really, I'm a pharmacy tech.
How many years I've been in an affair with sneakers:
I've been into sneakers ever since... I met my husband about a decade ago. He had a wall of shoes and it tripped me out. The 1st pair he ever bought me were AM95s to match him. I knew it it was real when he wanted to go "matchy-matchy" ^.^
photo 3
How many pairs I own:
I have more than I can count, my dad built me my closet in our garage. LOL - but if you're talking about about sneakers, than I only have about 45-50. I can't get an accurate number since I have pairs scattered throughout my house, my car, and my husbands old place. >.<
photo 2
My Holy Grail:
Insert cliche holy grail here: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ --- lol, I have no idea, It would be nice to have a pair of Carmines though.
My most despised footwear and why:
SKECHERS!!! That company has no identity... literally every model I've seen is a copy of something that's already out.
Currently hunting for:
ANY BLACK JORDAN 5s!!! I have OG metallics that I'm trying to restore and I need a donor shoe!!! If anyone has or know anyone who has size 5Y please, PLEASE hit me up!!! Please and thank you. I love you in advance!
Amazing sneaker-related story:
I was at a Nike Outlet in San Diego and saw Oreo 6s for $59.99. I picked up a pair and it scanned at $39.99 at the register. I went back and bought 3 pairs - I mean, shit. $40 bucks? black & white goes perfect with everything and it's the perfect base for a custom - (hint hint) ;P
If I had to choose ONE pair to wear for the rest of my life, it would be:
White cement 3s. They're broken in real nice and are super comfortable.
photo 5
photo 4
Changes or surprises I'm hoping for in the sneaker world:
A lot of the shoes I was digging this past year didn't come smaller than a mens 6. I wanna see more styles in GS! #teamlittlefeet
A tip for my favorite footwear brand:
Stop retroing all my favorite pairs!!!
Additional comments, shout-outs, big ups:
Whattup to my boo thang, DJ Yogurt, woot woot... S/O to Hawaii Sneakerheads for always showing me love. To SGHI for letting me be apart of your group even though I never post ^_~ ... and to all the FEMALES in the game that are in it bc they love it, not for the "Likes"
IG: @kashibang
A question for Parkz:
Kashibang: c u s t o m s ? when can?! o.0
Parkz: It's been a while since we last talked about one, huh? I'm down whenever! ...Thanks for the interview!
Interview by: JJ Parkz